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Salon Policy

Helping Us to Serve You

Service prices for Walk-In WeavesTM DO NOT include the cost of hair.

  • Walk-In WeavesTM is not responsible for sensitive scalp tenderness abrasions or sores due to braids or the weaving process. Walk-In WeavesTM must be notified about complaints/concerns within 24 hours. There will be NO REFUNDS on services or Pretty Hair. Issues must be addressed at the time of service. Prices are subject to change.
  • We take walk-ins all day. Appointments will be accepted. We take our last walk-in 15 mins. before close but we reserve the right to take our last walk-in earlier on occasions when our supply cannot meet demand. We suggest you come early.
  • If you sign-in and leave the salon your spot can not be held if your name is called before you return. You must pay for services received before leaving. Clients leaving with braided hair must pay $25 (at some locations services are paid for in advance).
  • We work with an express weaving technique (double tracking) for some of our services.
  • Please confirm the weaving technique of your style of choice upon selection.
  • If you are not purchasing hair from Walk-In WeavesTM you must bring two packs of hair.
  • There is an extra charge for using more than two packs of hair for single-tracking splitting tracks using mixed color tracks or reusing hair.
  • To receive the $50 sew-in price you must arrive with your hair clean and blow-dried.
  • Walk-In WeavesTM is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items left in the salon.
  • Children and men are not allowed unless they are being serviced. No pets allowed.
  • Payment will be collected at the time of close. Clients who arrive at closing time must pay in advance. No personal checks will be accepted. In the event that your credit card is declined we require that your Driver’s license be copied or held while you go to retrieve an alternate form of payment.
  • Clients receiving third-party payments must pay in advance.
  • Due to heavy client volume we ask that our waiting area be reserved for those waiting for service.
  • We are not responsible for any hair purchased in or outside our salon. Your must maintain your hair in order to get the longest wear.
  • We are not responsible for hair loss or hair breakage from weaves removed outside of Walk-In WeavesTM. We recommend that your utilize our professional staff for this service.
  • Customers who are not willing to accept our salon policy will not be serviced.